2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 18,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

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Shall We Date : Ninja Love

For iPhone, iTouch, Android

Thanks to my older sis’s iTouch, I took the liberty to search every nook and cranny of Otome Games. One of the many that I have downloaded was this

I love this coz it’s free via GREE. You get to pick four debonair ninjas. A womanizer, a protector, a fun friend and a brother/warrior. There are three more characters but I believe it’s available on the paid version.

Check out one of the galleries (spoiler alert, warning) here

I will be biased so I will post photos of the character that I like veeerrry much. Hehehe.

Kotaro Fuma. He’s… A killer ninja. Literally (who kills without remorse) but I soon found out that there is a reason behind it and he would never really kill just because he loved it. In truth, he values people very much, especially the princess (you/me) and he would really give his life for you (me). And that is why I love him. Haha.

Enough of my love rambles. 😉

iPhone/Touch Download the English game here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shall-we-date-ninja-love-for/id536460438?mt=8

iPhone/Touch Download the Japanese game here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shall-we-date/id538693574?mt=8

PAID iPhone/Touch version in English : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shall-we-date-ninja-love/id453184001?mt=8

PAID Android English https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nttsolmare.android.ninjalove&hl=en

Isn’t he the most genuine man ever? Haha 😉

Good evening and good night to all. 😉

Amachi Shouta Loves Me 1 (Fanfic)

To all Amachi Shouta fans, I wrote a fanfic. It’s still on-going so watch out for the following chapters.

“Amachi Shouta Loves Me Pt. 1”

Click here! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8402904/1/Amachi_Shouta_Loves_Me_1

Feel free to leave a review if you like.

I felt so inspired right after I finished Amachi Shouta’s route. I didn’t expect that I would like him so much.

So enjoy and have a great evening.

[BLOG STAR] reminiscencesound.tumblr.com

Here ye, here ye. Introducing this AWESOME, AWESOME tumblr site


It’s got all freshly-baked and still baking… Otome games in PSP. I got some reviews from this darling. So feel free to take a visit and enjoy reading and learning about what’s cookin and what’s served in the Otome Games world.

Oyasumi ! 😉

Nintendo DS ALL PINK ? Check it out ;)

If you want to see the PINK color, ya gotta come and visit this link. Lol the collector/owner is mad for pink (not obvious, indeed). I don’t usually admire the color, but this one’s okay and looks friendly and… Chirpy and… Un-annoying… Haha. Enjoy!


Miss Princess: Mispri / Misupuri JAPAN

Found another game that you would surely like. Based from a manga from Tecmo Koei comes the DS of Miss Princess: Mispri And… Unfortunately… I did all the digging and I only found soil. No english patch just yet. But you can enjoy this game, nevertheless. 😉 LET ME tell ya, it took me til page 5 of google before I could find a working link. Woops ! Heehee. I’m SO gonna get in trouble. Heehee. Let me know if I need to delete this file.


http://doujin-games88.net/archives/8040.html (thanks to all who have reported the broken link. I hope this works! You know who you are! 😉

Here’s a short yet informative article about the DS, where it came from, etc http://andriasang.com/comurx/miss_princess/ Awesome FULLarticle by reminiscencesound.tumblr.com. It has character profiles and screenshots. You definitely should click on the link for more info on the game. http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/ongoing-manga And so I leave you with this image. Enjoy the game ! 🙂

Gakuen Hetalia JAPAN

2014.7.7 –

Thanks to __ for the links to where we can get the Gakuen Hetalia Game. Cheers!


I also found translations ! Loose ones, though. But these may help. Thanks to our friends at Hetalia File Archive, you can click on the site to get everything you need to understand the game and have more Hetalia freebies 😉


From the series comes PSP and DS of Gakuen Hetalia ! Kawaii ! Lol ! Japan Version, though : http://downloadfreeroms.kamranweb.com/2012/03/gakuen-hetalia-japan.html I apologize for the ads that are in Kamranweb. Though the links are there so choose around. Include links from users and contributors as you will scroll down on the comments part. I’m still looking for volunteers to make the English patch but if you can’t wait then feel free to download. And if you have already found the English patch, then it would be really cool if let me know so we can include you to our page. And so I leave you with this nice video of the game. It’s really, really cute. Lol ! Enjoy playing and happy international Love ! 😉 There is also a petition going on for the English Dub. You can click the link below http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/gakuen-hetalia-english.html

Idea Factory Survey : Otomo Games in English ?

I stumbled upon this site MyNeoromance (my-neoromance.com). Thank goodness. It’s about Idea Factory planning on releasing their Japanese Otome games in English. They are conducting a survey about it. So…

(If you’re interested) Go to the link in the NeoRomancer website, click, register, wait a few days before you can answer the survey. And you need to wait, too, for your username to be registered so you can comment away with the enthusiastic Otome Gamers who are SO looking forward to the

ENGLISH OTOME GAMES BY IDEA FACTORY (The gaming “factory” who pioneered the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Game Trilogy.)

Wooo! Can I hear an applause!

Imaginary “Translation Patch” blog reader : But what will happen to the Translation Patch blogsite when Otome games will be out in English?

Elena Hitomi : Well… This will still be on. I will still be collecting and collating all the english games AND… I will look for games that don’t HAVE english translation patches yet. So I think I would still survive.

Imaginary “Translation Patch” blog reader : Cool !

So enjoy I hope you can still participate in the survey. If not, you can still enjoy looking at the poll results, enjoy reading the comments, and have hope that things will be easier for us when playing the wonderful Otome game/s.

Link to the site and survey


Happy weekend!

Tennis No Oji-Sama Gyutto! JAPAN

EDITED: Monday, March 26, 2018

I’ve read comments and reviews. Some say this game is trying too hard on immitating TMGS play-frame (copying the skinship-ish mode) THOUGH, some think this game is cool because it has a lot of guys.

Well… I personally think they look a bit odd and… Scary. Sorry. BUT then again, that is my opinion. I still searched for download links so here it is.

http://dokipuri-guide.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html <—–it is only a guide with English translations so you can play the game–I haven’t found an ENG patch as of yet but will scour the www in the next couple of days.

Let me know if the link will be dead again ^_^ Enjoy !

DEAD LINK http://downloadfreeroms.kamranweb.com/2011/07/tennis-no-oji-sama-gyutto-japan.html

Again, let me know if the links are kicking or frozen.

As of Sunday, 2013.6.9…

Hiya! Hope I have fixed the broken link. Try these!

DEAD LINK http://www.dicastia.com/2011/07/5760-tennis-no-oji-sama-gyutto-dokidoki.html

DEAD LINK http://romsds.net/5760-tennis-no-oji-sama-gyutto-dokidoki-survival-umi-to-yama-no-love-passion-jp/

(I really hope they are up and working.)


Avalon Code ENG DUB

Haven’t tried it yet but I thought it was interesting. So I searched it myself to make it easier for you hungry Otome-In-English lovers. Hehe. http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/41011/Avalon_Code.php Though I think this is dubbed in English. Yikes. Will look for the SUBBED and will post it the soonest. Let me know if the links are alive or dead. Basically and generally it is a Fantasy RPG / Otome game. You get to role-play AND fall in love with a character AND develop a relationship. Take note, though. According to players who’ve played this, it’s more of an rpg than otome. And the otome part is a minor thing. (Okay, chorus now…1…2…3…) “ooooooooooohhhh!…” (lol) So ! Happy gaming. 😉